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The Mayor and City Council for the City of Orofino met in an unscheduled city council meeting on March 23, 2020 to consider adopting Resolution 20-490 which declares a State of Local Emergency as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Even though there have been no confirmations of the virus within the city, the Governing Body felt strongly to be pro-active in trying to slow the spread of the virus within our region of the state.  As councilmembers discussed, it is not a matter of “if” the virus will come knocking on our doors, but a matter of “when”.  The city will closely monitor CDC guidelines and recommendations from the Governor’s Office.  The Resolution provides the following:


Immediate Closure of all City Parks – All city and public parks shall immediately be closed to all citizens, organizations and scheduled events until further notice by the Mayor and City Council.


City Recommends Businesses to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines – The Mayor and City Council is recommending that all local businesses and entrepreneurs follow the recommendations of the CDC and the State of Idaho governing agencies, including the Office of the Governor, when providing services to their patrons.  This is especially true where people tend to congregate for socialization and relaxation such as night clubs, taverns, bars, lounges and restaurants throughout the community of Orofino.


Essential Businesses to Use their Best Judgement – Essential businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and gas stations need to use the recommended guidelines from the CDC.


Closure of City Hall for Payments of City Services – City Hall will be closed effective immediately to all individuals from the public.  Individuals wishing to make a payment for city services can utilize to outside payment box or call City Hall for a credit card payment.


Future Public Meetings – All future meetings scheduled with the City of Orofino such as City Council meetings and Planning and Zoning meetings are still on schedule but the city will be following CDC’s recommendations. Telecommunications conferences are being planned as a contingency.


All Essential Services are to be Maintained - All essential city services such as Fire, Police, Water, Sewer and Sanitation services will remain open.


Depending on the future severity of the virus outbreak, the city has reserved its option to set in motion more restrictive measures if necessary.  The Mayor and City Council encourages individuals to stay at home if not feeling well or are able to work from the confinement of their house.


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